Director Inclusive Growth

As outlined above, the Council has been developing a completely new way of working over the past two years, involving the separation of strategy/commissioning from delivery, giving delivery units the freedom and focus to deliver commissioned work efficiently and effectively more like an external company than an internal function.

This role will be responsible for putting in place the commissioning structure and team, and managing the interface between the Council and delivery units. This role will cover strategy, commissioning and monitoring in the areas of housing, regeneration and investment.

This is a big opportunity to define the strategies and policies that will shape the future look and feel of the borough.  As well as shaping the Council’s investment programme, the person who is selected for this role will have direct accountability for developing strategies and commissioning plans in social and physical regeneration, housing investment and renewal, employment and skills and asset management.

Barking and Dagenham is at the forefront of local government thinking in regeneration, and has recently launched Be First, a wholly-owned limited company subsidiary of the council, to drive forward the holistic regeneration of the borough. Be First also compliments B&D Reside the Council’s wholly owned general fund Housing Company that already boasts more affordable PRS properties than the rest of London put together. In addition, the council has established My Place, a delivery unit of the council to undertake asset management services, and Community Solutions, which will take an early intervention approach to social issues in the borough.  This role is pivotal to ensuring that these delivery units will deliver in accordance with their agreed specifications but also act in concert with each other in the best interests of the community and the Council.


Director People & Resilience

Barking and Dagenham, like councils across the country is facing many issues; a rapidly changing demographic, increased demand and higher costs. However, we are determined to take action and do something about it. This role will be responsible for fully embedding a new organisational architecture that will enable us to work in a way that makes residents more resilient, Independent and self sufficient. You will provide service oversight that ensures the Council is moving in the right strategic direction and achieving its objectives to address the root cause of families and individual’s problems, reducing demand thus allowing social care to focus on those that really need an acute intervention and our ongoing support.

For both adults and children, services will be more integrated, responsive and user focused. A modern electronic record system and use of up to date technology to support mobile working will give social workers more time for direct work with children, young people and adults.

In June 2017 we launched our single disability service bringing together professionals to deliver a more seamless service and improved life planning. The service addresses the transition from Children’s to Adults making services easier to plan and easier for parents and young people to navigate. Through our successful joint work with Health, Social Care and Schools, we will promote independence, reduce gaps and overlaps and deliver savings by reducing duplication and economies of scale. Your role will be critical in ensuring this transformation delivers on its strategic aims and continues to improve outcomes for the most vulnerable in our society.

Health is a key focus for us and we need to approach health and care differently. As one of five health devolution pilots in London working with Havering and Redbridge Councils to develop plans for an Accountable Care System, we have a real opportunity to achieve this. It will be your responsibility through systems leadership to bring primary and secondary care more closely together and patient pathways redesigned with a focus on early intervention and managing the chronically ill.

As Director of People and Resilience you will work closely with Directors across the Council, Members and partners to ensure we truly improve the lives of so many in the Borough to ensure they live happy, independent, healthy, safe and fulfilling lives.


Operational Director - Children's Care and Support

As outlined above, we have taken a radical approach to how we operate with a focus on working in partnership, better commissioning, intervening early and, where we provide services, that they are timely and targeted to those who need it most.

Reporting to the Director of People and Resilience, our new Operational Director will be responsible for keeping vulnerable children safe, focusing on good social work practice and developing innovative solutions to current and future challenges. A qualified social worker, you will be able to evidence sound judgement and decision making, inspire our staff and work collaboratively with a range of colleagues and partners across the council and borough.   This is a job where you can make a real and lasting difference to the lives of children and young people in the borough.